Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cats on Wheels

Midway through a small DIY project this morning (that I promise to blog about later), I hit the Google in search of casters. You know, those things you attach to the bottom of table legs so you can roll the table around? Yes, those things. And on one of the major home improvement store's websites, I came across this:

Go ahead and click on that photo folks, so you can see it in all its glory. No really, go ahead. I'll wait. And while you're there, pay special attention to the part I circled.

Yes, that's right, this store is suggesting that you attach these casters to each of your furry kitty's paws for what I can only imagine is some bizarre version of feline roller derby. I've heard of cats behind the wheel, but never cats on wheels. I briefly considered the idea, then thought better of it. But still - I want to know who wrote this. Do you hear me Big Box Home Improvement Store??? I want answers!

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  1. Like this, but with cats: