Wednesday, May 27, 2009

She's Ready for Her Close-Up Now

As Sarah over at Pretty Bird Press so kindly pointed out, I omitted one resident of LiggiLand in my previous post: my sweet baby kitty Juliette. Since this simply won't do, I've decided to correct the error with a Julie-centric post. This is sure to be the first of several (many?).

Juliette is 11 years old and very small, just around 6 1/2 pounds. She is full of spunk and sass and energy, and still plays like a kitten.

Like any good cat, she's also a bit of a diva, and loves her some shoes.

She also loves to sleep, which is when I get some of my favorite pictures of her.

As you might have guessed by now, Juliette is a pretty big part of our lives. We love her like a furry child. And since we don't have any human children, that's as much as we can imagine loving something right now.

Coming soon: building a fountain in the front garden. Stay tuned!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Origin Story

Hello, and welcome to LiggiLand! I plan to use this space to post about my life - it's a way to keep up with family and friends, and hopefully connect with others who share my interests.

I suppose I should start by explaining the title of this blog. On April 20, 2008, I married my wonderful husband, Dennis, whose last name is Liggio. My last name is McClelland. A few months before the wedding, I mentioned to Dennis that I wouldn't be changing my name after we got married. This came as a bit of a surprise to him. During the inevitable discussion that followed, I suggested that we combine our last names. McCleggio had a nice ring to it. Vetoed. Then how about.... Liggiland? After several hours of my extolling the many virtues of such a name (people will think we're our own nation! maybe we could even join the UN!) and of Dennis shaking his
head and rolling his eyes (I choose to think he was doing it playfully), Dennis finally agreed that if we ever owned a theme park, we could name it LiggiLand. I reluctantly agreed.

And then a blog was born. Since there were no restrictions on what I named my very own blog (you're not the boss of me, Dennis!), I went with the name I fell in love with a year and a half ago: LiggiLand.

The residents of LiggiLand.

So there you have it. Not just a story about the name of this blog, but a peek into our slightly wacky lives. I like it. I hope you do too.