Wednesday, May 27, 2009

She's Ready for Her Close-Up Now

As Sarah over at Pretty Bird Press so kindly pointed out, I omitted one resident of LiggiLand in my previous post: my sweet baby kitty Juliette. Since this simply won't do, I've decided to correct the error with a Julie-centric post. This is sure to be the first of several (many?).

Juliette is 11 years old and very small, just around 6 1/2 pounds. She is full of spunk and sass and energy, and still plays like a kitten.

Like any good cat, she's also a bit of a diva, and loves her some shoes.

She also loves to sleep, which is when I get some of my favorite pictures of her.

As you might have guessed by now, Juliette is a pretty big part of our lives. We love her like a furry child. And since we don't have any human children, that's as much as we can imagine loving something right now.

Coming soon: building a fountain in the front garden. Stay tuned!

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